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The website for submission is now open. Please go to the relevant links below to access the copyright form and submission web site:
1. Full papers, short papers, brave new topics, art program, long & short papers:

2. Demos, video, doctoral symposium, art exhibit, and open source papers:


Please note that at least one author per paper must register at a "non-student" rate with full payment received and cleared into ACM Multimedia 2004 account by August 1st, 2004. Otherwise the paper will not be included in the ACM MM technical program. If all the authors on a paper are certified as students, then a student rate registration will be accepted. When registering as an author, please provide your paper number in the space provided.

The instructions are organized as follows:

Overview of deadlines and maximum page numbers

Paper Type

# of pages

Full Paper


Short Paper




Art exhibit




Doctoral symposium


April 16, 2004
Full papers abstract registration deadline at 5 PM EDT

April 25, 2004
Full papers paper submission deadline at 5 PM EDT

May 3, 2004
Interactive Art Program submission deadline (authors who have not submitted an abstract may also submit by their full paper by the new deadline).

May 7, 2004
Exhibition submission deadline

June 1, 2004
Tutorials, short papers, open software, video program, interactive art program short papers, technical demonstrations, doctoral symposium submission deadline

July 23, 2004
Camera-ready papers and the copyright notices are due for full papers, short papers, brave new topics, art program, long & short papers.

July 25, 2004
Camera-ready papers and the copyright notices are due for demos, video, doctoral symposium, art exhibit, and open source papers.

Overview of camera ready copy and the copyright form

Authors of accepted full papers/short papers/demos/videos/art exhibit/doctoral symposium for the ACM MM 2004 conference will receive an email from Lisa M. Tolles from Sheridan Printing, the publisher that will produce the conference proceedings. The email contains all the details for submitting the camera ready copy.

The copyright form are available at the submission website provided above. Please note that the copyright forms may be different for different category of papers as listed as the top of the page.

Formatting instructions

The camera ready copy of each submission must strictly adhere to the Sheridan Printing Instructions for the ACM MM04 Proceedings.

We kindly ask you to read carefully through the instructions from Sheridan and start preparing the camera ready copy as early as possible to avoid any delays due to formatting problems, paper length, or lacking a copyright form. For an appealing print of your contribution in the conference proceedings please do NOT change the given paper style, e.g., by increasing text width and height or reducing line spacing in order to get more space for your paper. The Sheridan web page also contains information on the files and their required naming for the submission as well as the URL where to upload the files of the final version.

If you have any questions left regarding the preparation of the camera ready copy, please contact the proceedings coordinator Lisa M. Tolles at Sheridan printing. For questions regarding the shepherding process and further general questions, please contact the proceedings chair Dongge Li.

The ACM computing classification

Please note that each paper must provide a classification of it's content and general terms according to the ACM computing classification. If you are not familiar with this classification please make sure that you read carefully through the guide "How to classify works using the ACM's computing classification system" to select the most suitable categories and general terms for your paper and add some additional keywords to it. Do NOT omit classification, general terms or keywords in your camera ready copy, e.g., in order to save space!

The Shepherding process (full papers only)

As was started in ACM 2003, the inclusion of the reviewers' comments in the final version of the paper is guided by a "Shepherd" - a member of the program committee - to help the authors in the process of reflecting the reviewers' comments in the final version. The shepherd will ensure that all review comments are addressed properly in the final version. This process contributes to the high quality of the conference and also honors the reviewers' effort in writing reviews. Your shepherd should already be in touch with you; please negotiate a time schedule with your shepherd.

The proceedings chair must get a confirmation from the shepherds that all review comments are appropriately considered in your final camera-ready version. Please do not hesitate to ask your shepherd if you have any questions. In order to facilitate the task of the shepherd, we ask you to establish a document that lists all review comments and discusses how you have taken them into account in your final paper.

Email this document to the proceedings chair before or on the July 20, 2004 deadline. This information, acknowledged by your shepherds as complete, is important for being included in the conference proceedings.

Printed proceedings and ACM digital library

Printed conference proceedings will be produced by Sheridan Printing; the proceedings will also be entered in the ACM Digital Library.

Contact the proceedings coordinator, Lisa M. Tolles, at Sheridan Printing

In case you have any questions left after having carefully read the instructions provided by Sheridan Printing, please contact the proceedings coordinator

Lisa M. Tolles
Phone +1-908-213-8988
Fax +1-908-454-2554

Sheridan Printing Co.
Attn: Lisa M. Tolles
1425 Third Ave.
Alpha, NJ 08865 (USA)

Contact the MM04 Proceedings Chair, Dongge Li

In case you have any general questions with regard to the process, please contact the proceedings chair

Dongge Li
Phone +1 847 576-2757
Fax +1 847 576-8378

Multimedia Research Lab
Motorola Labs
1301 E. Algonquin Rd., IL02-2712
Schaumburg, IL 60196